Naturing Ubin Symposium
Organised by the Department of Architecture – National University of Singapore

15 June 2015 2015, 10am to 1pm
URA Function Hall, Level 5, The URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road, Singapore  069118


Is Pulau Ubin our “last ‘frontier’”?  If so, what is the proper stewardship required of us?
This symposium, drawn from the year-long design research findings of our Guided Thesis Studios, poses some tentative answers to these questions.
Under three board rubric, namely Place-, Eco- and Culture- based master plans, our participants share the possible visions.  They are intended as provocations towards and reflections on the “why” and “how” of Ubin’s future.  Will knowing Ubin as ably as we have tried, led us to a wider course of future actions?

Moderator: Associate Professor Wong Yun Chii, Department of Architecture, NUS




Naturing Ubin Exhibition
28 May 2015 to 26 June 2015
9am to 5pm daily (closed on Sundays)
The URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road, Singapore  069118

This year, the Department of Architecture of the National University of Singapore embarked on a series of explorations and research across four academic levels to interpret Pulau Ubin’s significance in 21st century Singapore, and what it portends for both the island’s inhabitants, transient visitors and Singaporeans as a whole.

These explorations were an opportunity to acquire a contextual understanding of the island in relation to its social, ecological, historical and cultural constructs; and for students to ultimately propose and enact design decisions that would rejuvenate the socio-economy and augment the ecological and cultural preservation of the island’s character.

Research culminated in three masterplans, a place-based landscape, an eco-based landscape and a cultural-based landscape. This exhibition features a selection of outstanding students’ works that each complement a certain aspect of their respective masterplan clusters, and invites visitors to participate in the realization of Ubin’s potential.

The exhibition period would also see the release of an app for the iOS called Naturing Ubin. The app provides information such as the trails, history, flora and fauna and stories of Pulau Ubin. It will be available for free on the app store, and features information gathered and researched by the students of NUS DOA, as well as references from WildSingapore, The New Paper and the publication: Pulau Ubin, Ours to Treasure.


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