Guest Lectures

2017 - 2018


The Guest Lecture Programme presents locally and internationally prominent speakers in the architectural and design fields. They are invited to share their work and ideas with the staff and student community, thus providing insights into contemporary professional practice and scholarship.

[ 24/01/2018 ] lThe Four Places of Buddhist Pilgrimage
  Bro. Chan Khoon San
[ 15/01/2018 ] Culture and Climate: The Modern Diaspora between Africa and Brazi
  Ana Tostões
[ 27/11/2017 ] Design in an Expanded Field
  Prof Jeremy Till
[ 03/11/2017 ] Broadening and Deepening Our Design Thinking: A Conversation with Prof Wang Gungwu
  Prof Wang Gungwu
[ 24/10/2017 ] Soundscape Design Framework
  Prof Jian Kang
[ 19/10/2017 ] Planning for People: Sustainable Urban Growth, Transport, and Placemaking
  Stefan Krummeck
[ 19/09/2017 ] Broadening and Deepening Our Design Thinking: In Coversation with Prof Tommy Koh
  Prof Tommy Koh
[ 06/09/2017 ] Defining Grounds for Wellbeing, Architecture Between Hubs and Campuses
  Michel Mossessian
[ 08/09/2017 ] Vernacular Design Approach of Sustainable Architecture in China
  Prof Yehao Song
[ 14/09/2017 ] Bing Thom Architects’ “Master Builder” Approach to Architecture. Dynamics of Architect-Led Design-Build Project Delivery Strategies for Engineered Wood Architectural Designs
  Francis Yan
[ 29/09/2017 ] Construe + Construct 7
  Genome Architects | Studio Akanoma | Studiomake
[ 25/10/2017 ] A Tall Order: Vertical Meets Horizontal in Mumbai
  Jay L. Berman
[ 18/08/2017 ] Broadening and Deepening Our Design Thinking: In Conversation with Prof Kishore Mahbubani
  Prof Kishore Mahbubani