Guest Lectures

2016 - 2017


The Guest Lecture Programme presents locally and internationally prominent speakers in the architectural and design fields. They are invited to share their work and ideas with the staff and student community, thus providing insights into contemporary professional practice and scholarship.

[ 28/11/2016 ] Why the Meaning of Architecture May Not be Intrinsically Linked to its Fabrication
  Dr Xing Ruan
[ 17/10/2016 ] Unbuilding
  Thomas Tsang
[ 12/10/2016 ] The Old Giving Birth to the New
  Doojin Hwang
[ 30/09/2016 ] Construe + Construct 5
  Atelier RiRi, WHBC Architects, Red Bean Architects, Vin Varavarn Architects
[ 08/09/2016 ] Architecture and Nation Building: Multiculturalism and Democracy
  Professor Dr. Mohamad Tajuddin Bin Haji Mohamad Rasdi
[ 22/06/2016 ] Tall Buildings in Singapore in the Context of Global Development
  Professor Antony Wood