Student Achievements - 2012

Design Competitions

[ April 2012 ]

The Department of Architecture won the "Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living" competition organised by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). They designed a prototype window that prevents rain from falling into the HDB dwellings.

The NUS students are all Year 1 undergrads from the Department of Architecture and they have different tutors and come from different studio groups. Their tutors as follows:

Team leader:
Yeo Zheng Hang, Tutor: Ng San Son

Leong Wan Jun Joyc, Tutor: Chang Jiat Hwee Lim Fang Ting, Totor: Thia Nan Chyuan Zang Eyu, Tutor: Thia Nan Chyuan
1 NTU student

The reports were carried by the following media:

a) The Straits Times Online – 31 March 2012
b) Channel NewsAsia – 31 March 2012
c) Channel NewsAsia Online – 31 March 2012
d) Lianhe Zaobao – 1 April 2012