Tutor: Jose Claudio Silva

Anna Yap Lai Fong, Florencia Nirmala Wibisono, Liu Yunjin, Muhammad Khairul Anwar B M R, Ng Wen Ying, Nur Atikah Bte Abdul Rahim, Quek See Hong, Tan Kim Leng Nicholas, Tan Xue Nie, Tristan Wu Ming Seng, Wong Qingxuan Lesley

MATERIAL. BAMBOO. – The challenge was posed to understand the intrinsic/internal/formal rules of bamboo as a shape with a specific materiality so that innovative grouping mechanisms could be developed, originating in a coherent system of form and surface and finally, an object. The proposed approach to the studio started by developing sub-systems that could be joined, forming larger groups and leading towards the final object. The constant research of different scales, swapping from a general gesture/system to a specific connection detail, was essential to consolidate the selection of sub-systems so as to lead to their assemblage through coherent group mechanisms or tools of aggregation.