Tutor: Erik G. L'Heureux

Chen Huihua, Chen Shunann, Gan Xiu Ping Selene, Lee Teng Teng Cheryl, Liam Yuexin Jolene, Loh Zhu Ping, Lu Zhuo, Ng Xuemin Shermin, Pham Le Anh, Quek See Hong, Seow Yong Wee Dannie, Tan Kim Leng Nicholas

A single object sitting free on an abstract plane, a remade Lembu Square in Singapore's Little India, the project sets the stage for the vestiges of a period of heroic modernism to return in a new millennium. Cellular components for rooms are interwoven with a linear snake-like ribbon providing ventilation in a hotel for smokers.

Moving horizontally and vertically, discrete formal procedures drive geometry with displacement, shifting, additions, and subtractions creating a public terrace, outdoor shops, private rooms, and of course the tobacco shop. An older architecture vocabulary returns producing an architecture that Paul Rudolf and his tropical experiments only dreamed of.