Tutor: Joseph Lee

Ang Chia Lu Carol, Ang Wei Liang, Helen Lung Chui Wan, Htin Aung, Lai Kok Heng Tommy, Loh Yih Joon Joshua, Phoon Chee Keong, Phua Weijie Kelvin, Tangjitpeanshoke Nathawut, Valerie Koh Hui Ru, Wang Yichao, Yew Yingxu

For this project titled "Inhabitation and Territories", students examined the complex relationships between inhabitants and environments in Little India.

We attempted to decipher the inhabitants' behavior and nous as outsiders, uncovering their little secret order of territoriality and inhabitations through our observations: street = market/passageway = storage/crates = walls/trolley = home/backlanes = main door/limbs = threshold/nooks = identification.

We want to re-create a space for an individual dislocated in a foreign place armed with their own rules, to produce a habitat through social reading of the community rather than through rarefied ideals.