Tutor: Lim Kee Hua

Chang Pei Qiang, Chiang Hai Man Simon, Chong Kailing Anna-Elisabeth, Fok Kai Man, Hong Wei Ling, Leong Hui Han Dominic, Peng Jun Andrew Paul, Sim Chui Oon Cheryl-Anne, Wee Yin Zhi Jessica, Wong Qingxuan Lesley, Wong Ruen Qing, Zhuang Shenglan Eunice

Site is like a canvas for a painting without which architecture would not exist. But the architectural site is more than an empty space for a willful and artistic expression of no relevance.

The architectural site informs, constraints and inspire! Site alone is sufficient to generate architectural ideas and architecture, especially for a rich site like the Kampong Kapor area.

The rich contextual fabric of the site offers a programmatic approach to talc the architectural brief of Inhabitation, both in terms of the notion of dwelling and the notion of existing and subsisting within a bigger context.