Tutor: Paul Chang

Ang Wei Liang, Chen Jing Zhi, Choo Hui Yi Sherrie-Anne, Fung Xianwei Clarence, Isabel Salim, Liane Ee Ruilian, Loh Yih Joon Joshua, Ng Min, Sun Cheng Long, Wong Ruen Qing, Yeo Wei Ling Diane

In 'Architecture Beyond Building', students were directed to explore the subject of food, in the context of scarce resources and land in the highly industrialized island of Singapore. We are confronted with an awareness that our building manifests our attitudes towards nature.

Our architecture cannot turn away from these issues but address it with design, technology or innovations. Students have to grapple with an economically viable farming system incorporated into the building within the constraint of a 9x9x9 metres cube.