Tutor: Lilian Chee

Hiral Ashvin Desai, Htin Aung, Lee Teng Teng Cheryl, Liam Yuexin Jolene, Lim Chee Kean, Loh Zhu Ping, Lu Zhuo, Nur Azimah Bte Mohamad Faud, Nyssa Amelia, Ong Wei Hong Kevin

Two Individuals, two Atmospheres, twelve Scenes. Somewhere along the railway embankment, there is a smallest structure where two persons meet. They talk, argue, spar, confront, consult, collaborate, make love, attack, conspire, regulate. The place they meet is the Rendevous.

The architecture needs to access these atmospheres - one created, the other existing - by introducing a new programme (guerilla gardening, covert surveillance, a hidden gambling den, etc.) into the site. This architecture is devised with intentions of working intimately with the abandoned railway site by seeing in, through, and beyond it.