Tutor: Lim Hseng Iu

Chia Swee Jun Gladys, Chua Yi Ying Eileen, Huang Yu Long, Khoo Shan Hu, Lee Rui Ching, Lin Yu Xuan, Margaret Seow, Nur Atikah Bte Abdul Rahim, Ong Wei Hong Kevin, Siti Khadijah Bte Amir, Young Shi Yun Hannah, Yzelman Leon

Water manifests itself in many forms. It is known as the giver of life - the base by which all forms of life exist. Yet it is also the destroyer. It gives, takes and sustains life. It is formless, yet it can mold and shape the earth. It can be passive and calming, yet its fury is both terrifying and destructive.

The focus of the studio is to study water from a specific angle and to interpret and utilise knowledge obtained to assist in developing a water-inspired architectural expression for the programme. The aim is to propose an appropriate structural system for the programme to be supported on water, and where applicable, to respond to water in its myriad qualities.