Tutor: Tsuto Sakamoto

Bi Hui, Chia Sean, Florencia Nirmala Wibisono, Fong Wai Kin Roy, Fu Maoying, Hendry Octavanus, Ian Wong Hengjie, Kelly Koh Qian-Wen, Ng How Yong Kelvin, Ng Min, Ngu Ping Hwei, Ning Xianlin

A table cohabited with organic and inorganic items, and a window sill lined with toxic spray cans and pet-bottles are common scenery in the architectural design studio. In a small apartment room in Tokyo, a girl categorizes her accessories in separate plastic bags hanging on hooks mounted on the transom; in order for her to find what she needs immediately.

People rearrange a space to fit it to their own life, and they are not always conscious about a gap between an architectural order and the order that they create. The project explored the possibility of a clash, juxtaposition or integration of two orders: existing building structure (museum) and the structure emerges from various habitus.