Tutor: Lim Kee Hua

Chang Pei Qiang, Chiang Hai Man Simon, Chong Kailin Anna-Elizabeth, Fok Kai Man, Hong Wei Ling, Leong Hui Han Dominic, Peng Jun Andrew Paul, Sim Chui Oon Cheryl-Anne, Wee Yin Zhi Jessica, Wong Qingxuan Lesley, Wong Ruen Qing, Zhuang Shenglan Eunice

Structure or structural, in relation to architecture often refers to the means or systems of supporting the built form and its elements. However, the notion of structure or structural, can also mean relationship, organisation, system, composition, arraignment, interrelation, pattern and order, which can all be related to the creation of architecture.

Geometry provides that structure. The Golden Rectangle and Spiral is introduced in this studio to provide that geometrical platform and order for further dissection to create the structure for architectural creation of form and space in an open sea site at East Coast Park.