Tutor: Peter Sim

Chew Jing Hui Vanessa, Christopher Chow Kah Hei, Fan Tingzhang, Hou Suya, Lee Xiaowen, Lim Li Wei Isaac, Sim Cheryl, Yeow Choon Yong, Lee Gayeon

The "urban" is as much a psychological construct as it is a physical one. It is about buildings, squares, traffic, form and space. It is also about culture, history, people, imagination, fact and fiction. It is an imagined landscape with a physical representation. It is constructed in both individual and collective minds.

In a beautifully decrepit and forgotten corner of Melaka, students were challenged to think about what the city is, could be and should be. Consideration for the frequently conflicting issues of beauty, decay, authenticity, melancholy, memory, gentrification and commerce were the catalysts for varied architectural responses.