Tutor: Ruzica Bozovic-Stamenovic

Chew Wai Yin Michelle, Evy Sutjahjo, Yue Jieyin Charis, Lim Yanxin Cristal, Tan Boon Chew Mervin, Low Laimei, Tan Yongshen, Poh Weehao, Gregor Basile Vollenweider

The 'city-and-water' theme as well as designing a suitable and intelligent climatic envelope was in the core of our P2 project. The site along Melaka River connecting the urban part of the city with the green kampong village area across the river was selected to house the Youth Centre.

Diverse programmes and approaches were based on the macro context of history/heritage of Melaka and its social, cultural and economic topographies, as well as on the micro context involving the surrounding urban morphology, physical landform, vegetation, microclimate (sun, wind and rain), views, circulation routes, activity patterns in and around the site, etc.