Tutor: Raymond Sim

Welly Budiman, Li Chen, Deng Yong Zi, Xing Ying, Wong Xinni, Kurt Lloyd Babet, Koh Ai Ting Aileen, Loh Wan Xuan, Milolak Rafal Bialko, Yang YoungKyoung

This part of Melaka River is a place in transition, partly lost to the city. The sense of abandonment and destitution in the physicality and essence of the site is very apparent. The studio group was tasked to revive this particular site, with a simple programme that goes back to the original driving force that made Melaka a past major centre for trade.

The studio was asked to find a design strategy that incorporated structure, materiality, technology, construction, context, scale, the nuances of modernity and tradition to a programme that would celebrate the barter trade activity, the catalyst that brings 'new life' to this locality.