Tutor: Haryati Regawa

Cheong Yong Hui Grace, Chng Ren Hui, Chua Gong Yao, Ho Seok Hui Michelle, Karine Bashoyan, Liang Tsu-Ying, Lim Li Wei Isaac, Tan Zi Hua, Teo Weiling, Teo Zitong, Wang Bin, Yeo Hwee Ming

The project carries the energy that embodies movement of a cyclist. The spaces are every-changing, sometimes dramatic, prompting and inviting even the casual visitor to explore the building while at this same instance providing an exciting venue for sport and everyday cyclists.

As an Environmental/Technology studio we tried to examine and understand the given sites in a 'holistic' way - elements of nature, the urban context, built physical constraints, the essence of time we inhabit, the programme, the needs of the public, and a respect for environment.

Students worked on proposals with the intention of creating an engaging environment that would extend beyond addressing functional and practical aspects, and instead become meaningful places for the greater public.