Tutor: Kazuhiro Nakajima

Cedric Edward Fuentebella Tan, Dominik Fabian Keller, He Hanchao, Lai Guanyun Elaine, Lee Rongrong, Lye Yee Pei, Tan Yong Shen, Xing Ying, Shen Yunwei Adriel, Young Ming Sau Christy, Zakiah Bte Supahat

Students had specific design themes to explore from an early design stage. The idea could be simple and should be natural. Depth of thought was important. A simple idea or notion could be developed into a special architectural quality when one finds something significant in this idea.

I often asked students the size, distance, and proportions of what they were designing because we cannot design anything without these. I tried to see what they saw while they were designing. When they could see what they were designing, then they instinctively knew what they should do.