Tutor: Martin Goh

Chang Li-En, Chiu Yong Gui, Evy Sutjahjo, Hui Tung Sing, Lee Hong Keat Chevy, Novita Johnson, Sng En Ai Rebecca, Tan Phae Sia, Yue Jie Yin Charis, Wu Huei Siang, Woon Yulin Joleen

Students in the Urban/Environment Core Group are charged with the responsibility to address the environmental, cultural, historical, socioeconomic, urban design situations and conditions. The programme offers the students opportunities to explore a range of public as well as private interventions and articulations for a Bicycle Place or a Natural History Museum at Fort Canning.

Emphasis is also placed on planning strategies and events/activities to inter-relate architecture with human activity. The studio aims to mediate meaning of abstraction with materiality while sustaining and enriching aspects of urban fabric that have enduring value.