Tutor: Donovon Soon

Hartono Wijaya, Hu Linyuan, Jiang Yiwei, Lim Xinyi Dawn, Nur Syafiqah Bte Nahadi, Tan Soon Lee Alex, Tan Jia Yi Larissa, Teng Li Qin Ellyn, Ye Hanyu, Yeo Kee Aik Shaun, Zhang Qian, Yeow Choon Yong

The studio focused on clarity, in ideas, and formal and spatial expressions. The two briefs - the Biodiversity Museum or the Bicycle Centre presented excellent scope for exploration.

The former has complex and specific requirements, while the latter gives more free play in terms of allowing students to make their own programmatic decisions, interesting and innovation propositions - on how to reconcile nature and the city through the exposition of activities, the juxtapositioning of views, the spectacle of city as the backdrop for bicycle stunts, underground connections that not only provide public amenity but allow the discovery of the museum along the way 0 were amongst the diverse ideas put forth and explored.