Tutor: Ruzica Bozovic-Stamenovic

Clarence Foo Chun Fang, Hong Ruixia Alana, Huang Jiahui, Khoo Eejia, Kurt Lloyd Babet, Lee Xiao Wen, Li Ran, Teng Xiu Ling Cindy, Tan De Yang, Tan Jack Young, Tan Jia Yu Fiona, Wong Xinni

Students explore design concepts for the Museum of Biodiversity program driven by natural site conditions and technology that responds to the tropical climate as well as to specific requirements imposed by the brief. Coordination of original design concepts and the construction details to reflect a conscious approach towards natural resources were paramount.

Students connected the pragmatic approach to design with semantic readings of space. Synchronisation of work flow and curatorial processes specific to the Museum with the building form and overall design concepts resulted in a range of meaningful aesthetically experiences.