Tutor: Tan Teck Kiam (Project 1)

Anggraeni, Azhar Bin Azmi, Chia Ping Howe Edwin, Liew Liewei Wesley, Neo Hwee Tat, Ren Tian

Sustainable architecture goes beyond efficient mechanical systems and brilliant landscaping. Sustainability must be the source that inspires architectural design. The studio kicked off with students declaring which environmental issue is most pressing to them. Each design project is defined by the issue – e.g. waste recycling urban farming – and set itself in an existing context – e.g. housing estates, rubbish dumps, seashore.

To say students were taken aback at the start was an understatement. They were asked to develop the design brief. To do that, they must connect with the environment. Lively discussion ensued, views articulated. In time, students took stances from which they developed their projects. Sustainability became the theme that drove the designs.