Tutor: Thomas Schroepfer

Chen Yingquan Gerry, He Qun, Liam Alexander Powell, Lim Guanghong Marc, Lin Huiying, Loh Boon Poh, Ng Wei Qi, Tan Bing Hui, Tan Yuan Zhi, Yap Shan Ming

TYPE: TOWERS FOR MARINA BAY SINGAPORE – explored ways in which the design of smaller volumes such as housing, office and retail units can constitute the “DNA” for a tall building by aggregating these units into a three-dimensional cohesive whole.

Building on Singapore’s addiction to the ubiquitous high-rise for large-scale developments, the projects rethink this type’s effect beyond its immediate architecture scale, by interpreting the towers as a new collective urban entity.

The sites for the exploration were a number of “white sites” in Singapore’s Marina Bay. The exploration of tall building typologies demonstrates brave new experiments as to how the future Singaporean skyline could look like.