Tutor: Tay Kheng Soon

Anusha Christina Muller, Du Yue, Halei Zhan, Han Yupei Joanna, Ho Wai Kit, Martina Hristova Stoyanova, Wang Kankan, Yew Shze Loong Richard

GREEN NUS CAMPUS MAKEOVER – The idea of “Greening the NUS Campus” explored in tandem with the Economic Development Board’s research on enhancing Singapore’s Sustainability Economy. Lina Goh of OED in charge of the Green Campus Project and Hugh Tan of the Botany department at NUS served as resource persons for interims and final crits.

The first half of the semester focused on appropriate green technology and thereafter, continued into the second half of the semester on housing and its associated green issues in the NUS campus. A campus-wide exhibition and presentation was planned to acquire feedback from our campus community.