Tutor: Yap Mong Lin (Project 1)

Chng Shi Xin Alexander Aloysious, Liam Francis Shearer, Low Si Ni, Pek Hui Xian, Tan Chaur Jyh, Tan Suat Zhen, Tan Shujun, Tan Tiang Soon, Whye Tsin Pei Melissa, Wu Yumei

MASS – The brief of this studio is a response to HDB’s invitation to explore new concepts of public housing for Singapore’s context. Notwithstanding the unique concerns of public housing, students had a free rein to innovate and explore, and to suggest fresh ideas for Public Housing of the future. In this studio, we sought innovation within the internal confines that shaped the planning and design of high density public housing in Singapore.

In doing so, the studio attempted to demonstrate that regulations could be challenged to initiate a radical rethinking and requestioning of old orthodoxies. The studio studied the issues and methods involved in the urban community and high-density housing. It enabled students to explore the forms and typologies of housing in high-densities and methods that might be pursued in the design of these building types.

The studio examined design issues connected with the urban context of Asian cities and the development of public housing in Singapore. It included site investigation and analysis, urban design considerations and the design of appropriate housing types in response to the urban and social context.