Tutor: Tan Teck Kiam (Project 2)

Cheam Xiao Feng Michelle, James Alexander Newman, Lee Jin-Ting, Lee Yi Chen Lewina, Tan Chaur Jyh, Tran Thi Phuong Oanh, Claire Kennedy, Shevaughn Sharon Gill, Lukas Prestele, Karl-Johan Emanuel Torngren, Luke George Adam Cameron, Benjamin Henry Towell, Suzanne Marieke Nwlissen, Thijs Tilkin

Incredible visual delights emerged from research and studies. There was tremendous group dynamics and chemistry among the overseas exchange students and Singaporean students. The first part of the studio project was particularly exhilarating. Issues were hotly contested, little ground was conceded by opposing views. All these were executed in good spirit of scholarship.

Students deliberated the evolution of Science Park and tackled the issues of Generation Y. They then connected the two and dealt with the notion of Live, Work and Play. Parameters listed include the practice of sustainable lifestyle, recycling, fostering empowerment and enterprise, as well as to instigate communicative action. Students assumed the roles of users and stakeholders. They mapped strategies, formulated planning concepts based on needs and aspirations.

The subsequent architectural designs reflected the results of appreciating the context.