Tutor: Yap Mong Lin (Project 2)

Han Yupei Joanna, Jeffrey Goh Hong Soon, Leong Pei Nan May, Ng Wei Qi, Peu Soo Yong, Ren Tian, Soh Cher Ming Ivan, Tan Suat Hui, Tan yuan Zhi, Toh Wei Ching Felicia, Voon Ke Yang, Wang Kankan, Wong Lei Ya, Yew Shze Loong Richard

FOOD AND ARCHITECTURE A JTC SPONSORED STUDIO – Food production is under threat from climate change. Coupled with waning energy resources, planning norms that segregate farmland from the city is unsustainable in terms of competing demand for land. Meanwhile, the food industry generates production spaces which are zoned away from food waste sources.

This studio explored design propositions for the future city in the context of new urban types occupying 10ha as integrated entities. The design process investigated the existing norms of celebrating and consuming food confined in six star establishments away from the manufacture and processing of food in factory environments and the conversion of food waste in industrial plants. The investigation led to a questioning of the effectiveness in wastage reduction when perpetuating existing norms of practice, and the limitations to enabling urban vibrancy across the economic classes in urban spaces.

In addition, the studio investigated energy conversion loops involving food production, food consumption and food waste as a basis for re-interpreting types of urban spatial arrangements and quantums associated with food retail. These conversion loops serve as a basis for re-planning urban space and programmes and as part of a framework with which generated fresh design propositions approaching the concept of ZERO WASTE existence.