Tutor: Cheah Kok Ming (Project 1)

Choo Zhe Qing, Khairul Rizal Bin Samat, Lim Yuan Xi Pamela, Maria Catharina Bonang, Md Shaziran B Md Shahabdeen, Ong Hui Loh, Seow Tzi Yue, Tan Yingying, Tay Xiao Jie, Teo Shen Yeow, Yong Meiling

Benyus, Hawkin, Lovins, McDonough & Braungart have all advocated the idea of a cradle-to-cradle way of rethinking lifestyle and remaking our products. Waste as resource and the closed loop cycle approach become a paradigm to rethink architecture.

The studio programme explored the idea of waste, waste as resource and waste as a contributor of opportunity. It examined industrial waste flow and wasted spaces in an existing industrial precinct to identify architectural potentials that would thrive and contribute to closing the loop and provide amenities to the working community. The architectural entity would in turn address itself as a resource at its end of life.