Tutor: Shinya Okuda (Project 1)

Bae Sanghyun, Celestine Goh, Christian Brunsvig, Eon Damien, Low Yong Woon Isaiah, Ong Eu Ho Fabian, Seet Min Ling, Xu Naiyan, Yu Hansik

The studio explored one of the most significant design and fabrication shifts in contemporary construction industry, Digital Fabrication (Dfab) in Architecture. The objective was not geared towards typical complex form-finding, but rather, to advance architectural function, such as space, structure and environment by advanced fabrication technologies.

The studio was sponsored by JTC and investigated the logistically integrated “Future Factory” as a new prototype of the large-scale high-density building type. Major challenges include internal-external logistics flow, multi-layered porosity, and modularity/adaptability. Rigorous work on simultaneous digital modeling and physical fabrication were required. Final reviewers included Richard Hassell from WOHA.