Tutor: Shinya Okuda (Project 2)

Chen Zhongxian, Cheong Wenhui, Choo Zhe Qing, Chua Liang Ping, Lim Wei Ling, Lim Yuan Xi Pamela, Low wenli, Maria Catharina Bonang, Ong Hui Loh, Tan Yingying, Tay Xiao Jie Nicole, Teo Shen Yeow, Tong Meiling Ashley

The JTC sponsored programme continued to investigate the logistically integrated “Future Factory II” programme as a large-scale high-density building new prototype. The Digital Fabrication (Dfab) in Architecture studio introduced advanced design to fabrication flow, from FEM (Finite Element Method) structural simulation to Digital Fabrication, to test the functional application of those advanced technologies on an architectural scale.

The studio commenced with a workshop centred on hands-on exercise with the 3D printer, laser engraver and the CNC router. Key outputs were individual large-scale digitally fabricated architectural models and relevant 2D technical drawings and diagrams. Attendance on pre-semester 3D digital modeling training was required.