Tutor: Cheah Kok Ming (Project 2)

Celestine Goh, chen Zichao, Chung Chia Ling, Ji Yeon Ha, Lo Tian Tian, Ne Jia Yi Anna, Pang Li Yi, Robin Fa’atulo Wa’u, Seet Min Ling, Tay Kai Loong, Wendy Ang Wen Ling, Weng Xianping Jessica, Xu Naiyan

Industrial Ecology is defined by Greadel & Allenby as a concept that requires an industrial system to be viewed not in isolation from its surrounding systems but in concert with them. Its operatives are symbiotic synergy between industrial entities and the engagement of the closed looped cycle.

The Tampines Retail Park was the site of investigation in which the Industral Ecology framework was used to derive architectural possibilities that supported various downstream aspects of green consumerism – extending product life, reducing impact of consumption and using waste for resource. Each proposition is an epiphytic insertion into the larger industrial system performing symbiotic and sustainable functions.