Tutor: Joseph Lim

Tan Jia Xin Jax

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The Peristaltic Pavilion was designed to forward the studio's exploration of experience, space and structure compelled by kinetic surfaces that respond to the environment.

Set in the 2015 Milan Expo, the Peristaltic Pavilion is a warm, throbbing organism that is very much alive. Quite akin to breathing, its interwoven pneumatic cells are attached to heat and light sensors that dynamically vary the air pressure within the cells to create peristaltic motion waves across the envelope as the sun strikes its surface.

Structurally, the interwoven pneumatic cells serve to achieve structural stability in the x, y and z-directions, at the same time resisting buckling tension, bending and torsion. Cells that form the base of the pavilion are subjected to loads of the rest of the building loads and visitor impact, and so are made of opaque fibre-glass reinforced nylon. Elsewhere, the upper and outer layer of climate-modifying cells are made of transparent fibre-glass reinforced nylon. At night, they can also scatter light with LED fixtures creating a technicolour experience of light and shadows.