Imogen Udeshika, Wang Kai, Pavlina Sykorova

Tutors: Low Boon Liang, Goh Hup Chor

Our vision for Melaka is a continually evolving city that treasures its authenticity through preservation of its heritage, through re-instating the symbolic and historic heart of the city, and in turn contributing towards its cultural and social development. Melaka has been identified as a UNESCO heritage site and through history we see that its morpho-genetic development is from the hill where the Dutch settled.

Our main objectives are to enhance the hill as a magnet for the community, to revive the city centre to be people centric, to retain its urban character and heritage, to retain the existing social structure, and to cultivate the green and blue strips and parks that meander through the city.

While we understand some of the main weaknesses and threats in Melaka, we also maximise on the strength and opportunities that would help in a fast developing city. We see how heritage has been important to the people. This project tries to establish a system of corridors to emphasise the importance of the city and its heritage.

In the concept plan, we identified the character of areas around the main Dutch historic core and created corridors, within which a transportation hub would facilitate each corridor. Our main area of focus was the interface between the existing hill and the buffer zone identified by UNESCO.