Chen Hong

Tutors: Low Boon Liang, Goh Hup Chor

The proposal develops the northern and western coastal land of Kallang Basin as a distinct and exclusive residential precinct within the proximity of the ‘city’ with new land-water based amphibious lifestyle. The potential site is strategically divided into two different yet integrated precincts.

The northern area comprising primarily of Kampong Bugis is designated as the ‘intimate and local’ precinct and the southern area of Crawford and Singapore Flyer is assigned as the ‘event and global’ precinct. The overall proposal is a response to contextural references. It defines a new waterfront development which questions the conventional developmental pattern, explores new building typology and maximizes the advantage of established MRT connections.

The key feature of the design proposal for the southern area is to restructure the entry and exit ramps connecting the site and the established East Coast Park Highway. It frees up more land for development. The introduction of water at the ‘Benjamin Sheares Bay’ adds value to the established commercial area of Suntec and also offers more water frontage to the new development. The integration of the F1 track, pitstop and grand stand with public facilities allows utilization of facilities and land even when the event is not happening. The proposal for the northern area has a visual focus on the new sports stadium and the existing MRT connections.