Chen Hong, Imogen Udeshika Jayewardene, Ratna Delia Octaviana, Raymond Tirtawidjaja

Tutors: Low Boon Liang, Goh Hup Chor

The general vision of this project is to foster a vibrant recreational and green-oriented urban core. It follows four objectives, which are:

  • Maximising land value (underground and on ground level) along Kallang Basin, to enhance the profile of the central recreation and residential districts.
  • Regenerating place-based sustainable neighbourhoods to promote a pedestrian-orientated new lifestyle.
  • Re-shaping the skyline of Kallang Basin east.
  • Emphasising the application of renewable energy, green infrastructure, water-sensitive design, etc. to foster a green urban core.

To reach these visions and objectives, we created 6 main strategies:

  • Green recreational corridor - This corridor will connect nodes, parks, neighbourhoods and open spaces. It will embrace western and southern precincts
  • Commercial corridor – This corridor will link local nodes, TOD, mixed-use (residential and commercial), high density high-rise, high-end development and semi-pedestrianised.
  • Blue recreation corridor – This corridor will implement water sensitive urban design, integrating water activities, and promote ecological value within community life.
  • Water-front hospitality – This area will be a series of F&B clusters, a sports hub and a commercial complex with skyline control
  • Eco-Neighbourhood – High density, high-rise and semi-pedestrianised spaces within a network of historic street and a new commercial corridor
  • Water Front Housing – This area will implement some high-end residential development along the riverside and it will increase the value of the land itself