Ah Ma Drink Stall on Ubin

Kudos to our NUS Architecture students and faculty for doing work with social impact!

TEAM: Lam Ching Yan (Team leader), Ethan Chung (Deputy team leader), Tu Tung Yun (Deputy team leader) and their team members guided by our faculty Dr. Tan Beng Kiang.

“Project a first step to revive Ubin’s charm: ….. As part of efforts to revitalise the site while retaining its rustic character, a group of National University of Singapore (NUS) architecture undergraduates are rebuilding Madam Lai's Ah Ma's Drink Stall.

It is believed to be the first kampung structure to be built on the island in 20 years.

The ground-breaking pilot project was initiated by community group Kawan Ubin as part of its initiative to revitalise the island as a living kampung, the Singapore Heritage Society and a group of volunteer lifeguards called Sea Angel. It is supported by the National Parks Board and the Friends of Ubin Network. Ministry of National Development has been working through the network to gather ideas on how to maintain Ubin’s rustic charms.

The Ah Ma’s Drink stall project serves as a test bed for construction and rebuilding of future kampung houses on Pulau Ubin.”

Videos from Straits Times online:
Students and Philip Lin (Ubin resident) constructing https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=57&v=uKAUvxo9lYE

Ah Ma on bike: