Jury selected NUS MLA work for implementation at "International Garden Show Hamburg 2013"

The International Garden Show Hamburg will design 80 imaginative gardens in seven ‘worlds’ covering different topics (NUS: World of Ports), leading visitors on a journey through time to the landscapes of our globe. For this reason, IGS 2013 was asking landscape architecture students from ten different countries to contribute to the garden show in Germany.

The task of the competition was to create an open space design for one of ten gardens selected from the 80 gardens of the International Garden Show Hamburg 2013. Each participating university worked on a different garden (NUS: Garden of Hong Kong). Now a final IGS 2013 jury has selected the NUS design, which will be built. It is the work of NUS MLA student Lehana Guo under the title "Constructing Order – Bamboo Scaffolding; Hong Kong". Congratulations!

Guo Yunjia Lehana: Constructing Order – Bamboo Scaffolding, Hong Kong