Public Reviews Sem 2, AY2017/2018

The close of the semester is fast approaching and most of you are putting the final efforts on your design projects.

This academic year, we are closing the design studio sequence with two weeks of public design reviews and important conversations on architecture commencing April 19th and closing April 28th. 

Unlike in years previous, the reviews will be public, open to the entire student body and the larger architectural community. Your respective year coordinator has invited a tremendous list of guests, architects, academics and thinkers to raise important questions about architecture today, to reflect on your hard work, and generate exciting conversations in the design sequence. Invite your friends and family, lovers and enemies. They are all welcome.

To make the 5 days of review work, spread over 9 days, and to allow time for each of you to attend the other year reviews in a public manner, we seek your effort and understanding this semester to transition from design studio to design review and from your respective review to the next review the following day.

Critical Dates to note:

16 April, 2018, Monday 2:00pm
Exhibition Hall available to students for holding models and drawings

17 April, 2018, Tuesday 4:00pm
Close of the Design Studio and Transformation to the Design Review Gallery 
Year 1,2,3  

19 April, 2018, Thursday 8:30am 
Year 1 Design Review

20 April, 2018, Friday 8:30am
Year 2 Design Review

21 April, 2018, Saturday 8:30am
Year 3 Design Review

25 April, 2018 Wednesday 4:00pm
Year 4 Close of the Design Studio and Transformation to the Design Review Gallery

27 April, 2018 Friday 8:30am
Year 4 Design Review

28 April, 2018 Saturday 8:30am
Year 5 Design Review

We look forward to the exciting two weeks ahead. Click here for the poster announcements for Year 1 to Year 4 and here for Year 5.