Curriculum Vitae

Name: Yun Hye / Hwang
Present Appointment: Assistant Professor
Contact Information: 
Department of Architecture
School of Design and Environment
National University of Singapore
4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566
Tel: (65) 65163521 Fax: (65) 67793078
Research Areas:
High-value landscapes for tropical Asian cities
Ecological landscape management
Landscape of necessity
Teaching Areas:
Design Studio, Deforestation Management, Multi-functional Landscapes
Site Analysis and Detail Design in Landscape Architecture
Research Dissertation
Academic/Professional Qualifications:
SILA Accredited Landscape Architect (No. 9852/0515/0089), Singapore, 2015
Post-Professional Master Degree in Landscape Architecture, Graduated School of Design (GSD), Harvard University, 2007-2009 Landscape architecture, Graduate School of Environmental Studies (GSES), Seoul National University, 1998-2000 Fine Art (Specializing in Visual Communication Design), Hong Ik University, Seoul, 1993-1997
Awards/Honours (Post-PhD):
Supervision for various awards for students design competitions such as APR-IFLA, ASLA, and SILA, 2010-2017
Special Recognition for Community Methodology in Re:Vision Dallas Competition. 2009
The 6th Design Leader of Next Generation awarded by the Korean Ministry of Commerce and KIDP, 2007
Career History:
Design Director ; SOMC Seoul, 2001-2007; SOMC Singapore, 2008-2009
Lecturer, Basic Design Studio at Seoul Art College, 2001-2007
Designer & project manager, GHASEUM Seoul, 1997-1999
Administrative Leadership:
Studio Coordinator in Year 4, MLA 2011-Current
Review committee for 14th CELA (Council of Education and Landscape Architecture) International conference, Sept 2014
Professional/Consulting Activities:
Review Board Member of Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs (JCUA), 2017 -
Consultation of CUGE spontaneous garden (collaboration with Nparks), Dec 2016
Consultation of NUS SDE landscape renovation plan, Aug 2016
Construction consultation of Productive Campus, PSE (Pour un Sourire d'Enfant) School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, STEP and PSE, 20142015
Construction consultation Productive Garden of Bagong Silang Village, Manila, Philippines, 20132014
Consultation of NUS spontaneous roofs and gardens (collaboration with NUS OFM), Dec 2011
Jury Panel. SILA professional Awards, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architecture Awards, 2015
Review committee for CELA (Council of Education and Landscape Architecture) International conference, 2014 -
Programme review of Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture, Hong Kong University, Mar 2016
Jury Panel. SILA professional Awards, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architecture Awards, 2013
Reviewer of HKU BA(LS) & LA Final Studios, University of Hong Kong, May 2013
Reviewer of Diploma in Landscape Architecture 5-Year Singapore Polytechnic, Jan 2015
Judging Panel, Skyrise greenery awards, Singapore Institute of Architects, 2011
Major Publications (Maximum of 3):
Hwang, Y.H, YUE, Z.E., Tan, Y.C., 2016, Observation of floral succession and biodiversity on lawns in a tropical city, Landscape Research Journal, Vol 42, 678-694p DOI:10.1080/01426397.2016.1210106
Hwang, Y. H., Feng, Y. & Tan, P. Y., 2016, Deforestation in a tropical compact city part b: urban ecological approaches to design, Journal of Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, Vol. 5 Issue: 1, 7392p, DOI:
Hwang, Y.H, Lum, Q.J., Chuan, Y.K, 2015. Micro-scale thermal performance of tropical urban parks in Singapore, Journal of Building and Environment, Volume 94: part2, December 2015, 467-476p
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Updated: 18 July 2017