Master of Architecture with specialisation in Design Technology and Sustainability (DTS)

Programme Objectives

M.Arch with specialisation in DTS offers a broad based architectural education that advances design investigation into technology and sustainability. It seeks to cultivate design approaches involving critical thinking, holistic perception, technical imagination and sustainability literacy. The programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

1.  Produce environmentally and socially responsible professionals who are committed to the provision of comprehensive architectural design.
2.  Develop analytical and methodological skills that are critical foundations to design processes integrating technology.
3.  Provide exposure to the full range of issues that bear upon the design and realization of buildings addressing sustainability.


Entry Requirements

Candidates are required to possess:
a)       a BA (Arch) Hons RIBA accredited degree    OR
b)      four years of Architectural training, of which the first three years are from a RIBA Part 1 validated course and the fourth year is from a year of study in a RIBA Part 2 course equivalent to the fourth year of NUS BA (Arch) programme.

Applicants holding a non-RIBA Part 1 accredited degree or qualification must provide proof of accreditation by a National Accreditation Board or the Board of Architects of the country of origin; or Board of Architects (Singapore), subjected to approval by the Board of Graduate Studies.

A preparatory course** (a one- or two-year programme, depending on the candidate’s academic performance and portfolio review) is usually mandatory for non-NUS degree holders and NUS graduates of the three-year Bachelor’s programme in Architecture.

Candidates must complete Design Technology and Sustainability specialisation of the four-year BA (Arch) programme (M.Arch preparatory course for external candidates**) with minimum CAP of 2.5, and minimum B- average for Year 4 Design in order to proceed to the M.Arch programme.

Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of the M.Arch with specialisation in DTS requires a candidate to complete 44 MCs of a Technical Dissertation and five essential modules. To graduate, students have to fulfil the degree requirement of:    
•      Minimum CAP of 3.0 and
•      Minimum grade ‘B’ - for AR5104


Period of Candidature

The programme shall be conducted on a full-time basis lasting one year consisting of two semesters. The maximum period of candidature is limited to four semesters.







Final Design Project


1 & 2


Technical Dissertation




Architectural Practice 1




Special Topics in Technology


1 & 2


Architectural Practice 2




Renewable Resources and Architecture



Total MCs





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