Digital Submission Requirements

• The Digital Submission is a requirement compulsory for all Digital Submissions.

•  The   Digital   Submission   is  a  requirement   compulsory   for   all   submissions   for   financial   assistance   for competitions.

• Students  have to submit  softcopies  of their projects  on CD-ROM.  The name of the CDROM  has to be the student’s  name.  Additionally, they have to write their name,  academic  year, semester,  module  code,  and name of the tutor on the CD-ROM; for competitions title and year of competition as well.

• The folder structure of the CD-Rom has to follow a generic template as below

Under  the  master-folder   Student-Name   are  two  main  folders  Presentation   (compulsory)   and  Raw  Data
(optional), and one text file Keywords and Description:

Each major folder comes with a readme.txt file with further explanation on which folder to be filled and what the file format should be. The student has to sort in the softcopies required, fill in the text file ‘Description and Keywords’, rename the master folder ‘Students-name’  after his/her name and cut the CD him/herself.

Sample Template.