2-Year Part-Time Master of Arts (Urban Design) Programme

M.A. (UD) candidates are offered a choice of a 2-year (4-semester) part-time programme, with the same coursework and credit requirement of the existing full-time program. All technical and administrative requirements of the University in relation to part-time graduate program will be adhered to (maximum number of modules per semester [3], maximum period of candidature [6 semesters])

Part time candidature is restricted to Singapore Citizens and permanent residents (or professional pass holders during the full term of the program) who meet applicable admission requirements. All other applicants must apply to the full time program.

Application and admission criteria and documentation, program and coursework content, as well as graduating requirements will be same as the full time program.

The structure of the part-time program is summarized as follows:

Duration: 4 semesters (max 6 semesters)
Programme start: Semester 1 (August), together with full-time cohort
Fee Structure: ½ of applicable fulltime fee per semester
Coursework: 4 semesters (max 3 modules per semester)
  Sem 1 UD5601 UD Studio 1
  (12 MCs) UD5622 Methods of UD and Urban Analysis
  Sem 2 UD5602 UD Studio 2
  (12 MCs) UD5628 Sustainability in Urban Development
  Sem 3 UD5521 Planning Process
  (8 MCs) UD5221 Theory & Elements of UD
  Sem 4 UD5641 Dissertation**
  (12 MCs) DE5107 Environmental Planning [recommended Elective]
  Sem 4 RExxxx Elective 1 (eg. RE5013 Urban Policy & Real Estate Markets)**
  (12 MCs) DExxxx Elective 2 (eg. DE5106 Env Management and Assessment)**
    DE5107 Environmental Planning [recommended Elective]
    **Option to do 2 Electives in lieu of Dissertation
  Total: 44 MCs