About MA(UD)


The Master of Arts (Urban Design) program is a one-year intensive course that aims to inculcate in graduates the ability to study the city in more complex and inclusive terms and to design successful urban spaces that take into careful consideration current and future users based on an understanding of a wide range of issues including those impinging on economics, ecology, sociology, environmental psychology, technology, urban geography, cultural theory to real estate.

The rapid urbanisation of the Asian landscape and the equally swift transformation of its cities expose the urgent need in the region for design professionals, especially practising architects and planners, trained to tackle creatively problems of designing within existing urban fabrics as well as at the periphery of rapidly growing cities. They are needed to handle the design of urban areas of different types and scales ranging from the layout of towns and the restructuring of inner cities to the shaping of streets as settings for public life and the provision of open spaces that nurture civic consciousness.

The primary aim of the Master of Arts (Urban Design) is to offer a broad-based education in the theory and practice of urban design to enhance the knowledge and abilities of professionals involved in the design, creation, and evaluation of urban spaces.