Research Directory



Assistant Professor
MSc Urban Design and Planning Barcelona-­‐UPC MIT Postgraduate in Urban Design and Planning MArch (Honors) Barcelona-­‐UPC BArch (Honors) Barcelona-­‐UPC EU-­‐AP Registered Architect

Research Focus

  1. Urban regeneration, Urban Design and Planning
  2. Resilient cities, Informal settlements

Research Interests

  1. Resilient urban regeneration for the informal city, spatial patterns and land tenure
  2. Urban indicators for the livability of neighborhoods
  3. Integrated planning and regeneration of cities
  4. Design Guidelines and Smart codes


CHAN Kok Hui Jeffrey

Assistant Professor (Dr)
PhD (Berkeley), MEd (Harvard), BArch (SCI-Arc)

Research Focus

  1. Design Ethics
  2. Contemporary Architectural Theory
  3. Planning Models and Theory

Research Interests

  1. Ethics of design: normative ethical principles to guide design reasoning and decision-making
  2. Politics of space especially in relation to issues of spatial justice, rights to the city and Risk Society
  3. Contemporary challenges and issues in architectural education and design epistemology
  4. Improvisation and incomplete design in planning theory


CHANG Jiat Hwee

Assistant Professor (Dr)
PhD (Berkeley) MArch (NUS), BA (Arch Studies) (NUS)

Research Focus

  1. History of "tropical architecture" in the British colonial and postcolonial networks, 19th C to 20th C
  2. Sociotechnical histories of air-conditioning and the built environment in Asia
  3. Local builders, pioneer architects and agents of modernity in Singapore, 1890s to 1970s

Research Interest

  1. Interdisciplinary perspectives on (post)colonial architecture and urbanism
  2. Sustainability, social nature and sociotechnical assemblies in the built environment
  3. Architectural knowledge production and disciplinary (trans)formations
  4. Contemporary Design culture in Singapore and the region


CHEAH Kok Ming

Associate Professor
BA(Arch. Studies.), B Arch(Hons)
Registered Architect

Research Focus

  1. Design strategies for Architecture as Pedagogy
  2. Symbiotic framework for programming architecture

Research Interests

  1. Pedagogy for Architectural Construction
  2. Poetics of Details
  3. Cradle to Cradle in Architecture


Lilian CHEE

Assistant Professor (Dr)
PhD, MSc (Architectural History. Distinction), (The Bartlett, UCL), BArch (Hons), BA(Arch Studies) (NUS)

Research Focus

  1. Affect and architectural representation
  2. Feminist practices/ methodologies and architectural production
  3. Interdisciplinarity in architectural discourse

Research Interests

  1. Domesticity and domestic space in Asia
  2. Space of the tropics: representations, affect and aesthetics
  3. Visualizing architecture from without: Intersections with art and film



Assistant Professor (Dr)
PhD (NUS) M.E. (Arch, TJU), B.E. (Arch, HQU)

Research Focus

  1. Foreigners’ Land Rights and Urban Transformation of Treaty Ports in China.
  2. Chinese Overseas Architecture in South China and Southeast Asia.
  3. Urban History of Macau.

Research Interests

  1. East Asia Urbanism
  2. Modern Chinese Architecture
  3. Urban Conservation and Regeneration
  4. Formation and Transformation of Waterfront Spaces


CHO Im Sik

Assistant Professor (Dr)
PhD (Seoul National University), Master of Excellence in Architecture (Berlage Institute Rotterdam), B.E. (Arch, Seoul National University)

Research Focus

  1. Urban space planning for sustainable high density cities
  2. Impact of the built environment on community bonding

Research Interests

  1. Asian urbanism: evolving urban paradigms in Singapore and Seoul
  2. Contemporary public space and place making
  3. Social dimension of sustainable development
  4. Neighbourhood planning and community space design
  5. Participatory planning methods



HENG Chye Kiang

Professor (Dr)
PhD (Berkeley), Postgraduate Certificate (Tsinghua University), CES en Amenagement Urbain (ENTPE France), DipArch (ESA France)

Research Focus

  1. History, design and planning of Chinese cities.
  2. Asian urban design and public spaces.

Research Interests

  1. The development of cityscapes in medieval China.
  2. Digital reconstruction of historical Chinese cities.
  3. Urban transformation and public space in Asian cities.
  4. Urban planning and sustainability
  5. Conservation of built heritage.



Assistant Professor
MLAII (Harvard); MLA (SNU); B. Art. (Hongik Univ)

Research Focus

  1. Nature in tropical urban environment: Applied Research and Design Strategies

Research Interests

  1. Landscape management, focusing on how values of tropical landscapes can be characterized, optimized and promoted through guidelines and policies
  2. Responsive landscape infrastructure, focusing on development of systems and techniques to enhance multi-functionality of greenery
  3. Landscape of necessity, focusing on developing operational tactics for low-income neighborhoods.



Associate Professor (Dr)
PhD (HK Polytechnic Univesity) MSc (University of Westminster), MArch (AA) BA (Arch) (Uni of Manchester)

Research Focus

  1. Design optimisation using evolutionary algorithms
  2. Parametric and generative modelling

Research Interests

  1. Computational design decision support for architecture and urban design
  2. Performance-based design exploration methods and tools

KIM Hyeong Ill

Assistant Professor (Dr)
PhD (IIT) ME (Arch, Dankook University), BE (Arch, Dankook University)

Research Focus

  1. Planning and Development of Mixed-Use Tall Building
  2. Sustainable Building Design and Technology

Research Interests

  1. Functional program study for mixed-use building
  2. Vertical transportation system in complex tall building
  3. Review and representation of sustainable building technology in tall building
  4. Adoption of daylight and natural Ventilation in tall Building
  5. Efficient design workflow using BIM integration



Assistant Dean and Senior Lecturer (Dr)
PhD (Curtin), MSc(Surrey), BArch (NUS)

Research Focus

  1. Biophilic Design
  2. Human wellness – conditions for comfort and health
  3. Sustainability in design pedagogy and curriculum
  4. Green and sustainable developments in Asia

Research Interests

  1. Integrated design process
  2. Green building assessment tools and metrics
  3. Urban liveability and regeneration
  4. Sustainability policies and blueprints


LAU Stephen Siu Yu

MSc(Bartlett, UCL), BArch (HK) BA Arch (HK)
Registered Architect (HK)

Research Focus

  1. Human-oriented environmental design.
  2. Asian compact city

Research Interests

  1. Heat, light and sound
  2. POE of labelled vs non-labelled building
  3. Wellbeing and healthy building
  4. Future of Asian cities


LEE Kah Wee

Assistant Professor
PhD(Berkeley) MArch(NUS) BArch(Hons)(UNSW)

Research Focus

  1. Vice and the City.
  2. History and ethnography.
  3. Transnational urban studies.

Research Interests

  1. Policing vice in the British Empire (1880-1920) and nationalist Singapore (1960-1980).
  2. Comparative urban analysis of Singapore, Macau and Las Vegas
  3. Politics of Planning (I intend to focus on two distinct projects: the privatization of public housing in Singapore and the exportation of planning models in the Asia-Pacific region).



Master of Architecture, Princeton University B.A. in Architecture, Washington University in St. Louis NCARB Certified, Registered Architect - New York State, State of Rhode Island USA

Research Focus

  1. The Architecture of Hot & Wet Envelopes
  2. The Singapore Metropolitan Region

Research Interests

  1. Equitorial Urbanization, Architectural Envelopes, Climatic Calibration, Territorial Development.


LIM Ee Man, Joseph

Associate Professor (Dr)
PhD (Heriot-Watt), MSc (Strathclyde), BArch (Hons) (NUS), MSIA, Registered Architect (Singapore), BOA (Singapore)

Design Processes
Focusing on the derivation of bio- analogues in functional mechanisms in space defining structures
Small scale structures

  1. landscape integrated spatial structures
  2. facade/ roof elements as integral structures mitigating energy consumption
  3. educational and military structures

Transportable structures

  1. for deployment in needy rural communities,and urban contexts responding to emergent need

Expandable spaces from moving structural elements

  1. structural prototypes capable of effecting a change in spatial configuration from movement

Emergent housing and settlement issues resulting from rural-urban migration

  1. Kolkata
  2. Shenzhen

Rural settlement communities

  1. landscape integrated waste water treatment and farming processes

Environmental prototypes

  1. water and energy subsistent housing estates up to 500 pphA
  2. floating production units
  3. new technologies and impact on structural types



Senior Lecturer
MArch (Harvard), BArch (SCI-Arc)

Research Focus

  1. Architectural Practice as Entrepreneurship and Experimentation
  2. Contemporary Architectural Theory
  3. Curation in Architecture

Research Interests

  1. Definition of architect, architectural practice and their works/engagements
  2. Spirituality and Sustainable Development, Design Thinking, Humanitarian Architecture, Film and Architecture
  3. Developing design pedagogy, publication, exhibition, competition, international exchange and internship program



Senior Lecturer

Research Focus

  1. Perception and Architectural Environment
  2. Impact of hands-on on architectural education

Research Interests

  1. Materiality of Singapore Architecture
  2. Phenomenology on Architecture
  3. Tropical Tectonics


IMRAN bin Tajudeen

Assistant Professor (Dr)
PhD (NUS), BA (Arch Studies) summa cum laude (NUS) Postdoctoral fellowships: International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden; Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, MIT

Research Focus

  1. Vernacular urbanism and colonial rule, fragments, remnants, displacement, obscuration.
  2. Historic urban wards (kampung, ban), cosmopolitan pasts, racialised heritage narratives.
  3. Urban vernacular houses, multi-ethnic histories in Southeast Asia.
  4. Vernacular mosque architecture in Southeast Asia: regional model variations, Asian diaspora traditions, colonial transformations, contemporary revival(ism).
  5. The posturing of ‘traditions’ in architecture: colonialist, nationalist, touristic frames.

Research Interests

  1. Southeast Asia’s urban heritage, morphology, historiography.
  2. The architecture of regional-indigenous diaspora in Southeast Asia.
  3. “Modern” transformations in Southeast Asia’s vernacular architecture.
  4. Pre-Islamic and local traditions in Southeast Asia’s mosques and tomb complexes, 15th-19th centuries.
  5. Comparative architectural typology in/across Austronesia and coastal Asia.
  6. Architecture and cultural studies.



em. Professor (TU Delft), Dipl.Ing. (Hannover)

Research Focus

  1. Urban Planning and Design
  2. Urban Management
  3. Sustainable Urban Development
  4. Housing and Social Integration
  5. Urban Renewal and Rehabilitation

Research Interests

  1. Globalisation and Urbanisation
  2. Urban Modelling and Prototyping
  3. New Wave in Urban Design and Architecture in Asia



Assistant Professor (Dr)
Doctor of Engineer, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Research Focus

  1. Mathematical approach to urban analysis and simulation
  2. Spatial patterns of urban informal settlements and incremental housing

Research Interests

  1. Urban morphology study through quantitative and qualitative approach
  2. Understanding spatial patterns through social science approach
  3. Documentation of transformation in low-income housing in Africa and Southeast Asia


Shinya OKUDA

Shinya OKUDA
Associate Professor
Registered Architect (Japan, the Netherlands), MEng (KIT), BEng (KIT) >

Research Focus

  1. Digital Fabrication and Advanced Materials for Sustainable Architectural Construction.

Research Interests

  1. Advanced fabrication and construction technologies.
  2. Prototyping process in contemporary architectural design and practices.
  3. Structural / environmental optimization and performance-based design.
  4. Lightweight sustainable composite construction materials.
  5. Traditional craftsmanships in south-east asian region.



Senior Lecturer
MS in Architecture (Columbia New York), ME in Architecture (Waseda Tokyo), BE (Tokyo University of Science)

Research Focus and Interest

  1. Modern and contemporary architectural design and theories in Japan
  2. Architectural representation and media
  1. Contemporary practice and theories in architecture
  2. Modernity in architecture



Visiting Associate Professor
PhD (Carnegie Mellon U), MSc (Computational Design, CMU), MSc/IrArch (Architectural Engineering, VUB, Hons)

Research Focus

  1. Spatial grammars: rule-based generative design techniques applied to architectural and urban design
  2. Urban prototyping: advanced technologies for integrated design and analysis of the built environment

Research Interests

  1. Computational issues of description, modeling and representation for design
  2. Performance-based design support systems
  3. Building Information Modelling, collaboration and information exchange
  4. Shape recognition and generation
  5. Parametric and generative modelling techniques
  6. E-learning for design


TAN Beng Kiang

Senior Lecturer
Doctor of Design (Harvard), MArch II (UCLA), BArch (Hons) (NUS), Registered Architect (Singapore), MSIA

Research Focus

  1. Community Design & Participatory Design
  2. Sustainable Design
  3. Learning Environment
  4. Architecture & New Media

Research Interests

  1. Informal Settlements
  2. Low cost housing
  3. Preschool Learning Spaces
  4. Virtual/Physical space


TAN Teck Kiam

Associate Professor (Practice)
B Arch (Hons) NUS

Research Focus

  1. Urban ecology in a city

Research Interests

  1. Interdisciplinary perspectives on SMART urban design system
  2. Future ready built environment



Assistant Professor (Dr)
PhD and MArch Human Settlements (KULeuven, Belgium), Master Restoration and Conservation (CENCREN, ISPJAE, Havana Cuba), DipArch (ISPJAE, Havana Cuba), Registered Architect (Cuba)

Research Focus

  1. Low carbon tropical architecture
  2. Urban form and energy/food harvesting and natural ventilation potential
  3. Productive facade systems

Research Interests

  1. Passive architecture
  2. Autonomous / self-sufficient districts
  3. Renewable energy and resources.
  4. Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
  5. Building performance simulation
  6. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for buildings
  7. Urban farming / vertical farming


TAN Puay Yok

Associate Professor (Dr)
PhD (Cornell); B. Hort. (Hons)

Research Focus

  1. Nature in the built environment: theories, systems and practices.

Research Interests

  1. Functional Performance of Urban Landscapes: Urban landscapes as the medium to deliver ecosystem services for enhancing the built environment.
  2. Urban Greenery Solutions for the Built Environment: Development of urban solutions to integrate urban greenery with the built environment in compact cities.
  3. Urban Ecology: Using the framework of a city as a socio-ecological system to understand the interactions and roles of multiple actors in determining urban liveability and sustainability.


TEH Kem Jin

Associate Professorial Fellow
MSc (Arch), BSc (Hons) (Belfast), MIFireE, Registered Architect (Singapore)

Research Focus

  1. Fire safety in buildings - codes and implementation.
  2. The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), study airflow related to fire safety and ventilation systems.

Research Interests

  1. Design for Fire Safety
  2. Design under natural ventilation conditions


Zdravko TRIVIC

Assistant Professor
PhD (NUS), Dipl. Ing. Arch. (Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia)

Research Focus

  1. Urban spaces in high-density environments
  2. Health, well-being and built environment
  3. Ageing supportive architecture and urban design

Research Interests

  1. Contemporary public and consumption spaces, emerging hybrid typologies
  2. Contemporary architecture and urban design theory
  3. Multi-sensorial urbanism
  4. Art and public space; art and community; art and well-being
  5. Underground space planning and development in Singapore


Johannes WIDODO

Associate Professor (Dr)
Ph.D (U-Tokyo), M.Arch. (KU-Leuven), Ir. (Unpar), IAI (Institute of Architects of Indonesia), Registered Architect (Indonesia), mAAN, iNTA, IfoU, ICOMOS

Research Focus

  1. History & Theory of Architecture: focused on the links and layering process of the traditions of architecture in Southeast Asia, in relations to the study and production of architecture of this region, from the earliest times to the present.
  2. Architectural Morphology & Typology: focused on the built-forms in its totality of different layers (morphologic, sociologic, and philosophic) on different scale levels (from dwelling unit, urban segment, city, to region) transformed over historical periods (time). Architecture is analyzed by both synchronic and diachronic readings. The research is focused on the cities in Southeast Asian region.
  3. Architectural Conservation: focused on the issue of nurturing the identity of places in Asia and Pacific regions through preservation and conservation of built-heritages and empowerment of the community.

Research Interests
History & Theory of Architecture:

  1. International maritime trading and the formation of coastal settlements in Southeast Asia morphology and architecture from 1st to 2nd millenniums (Vernacular, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Chinese layers)
  2. Colonialism and urban developments in Southeast Asia around 17th-20th centuries (Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, British, French layers)
  3. Asian modernity and modernization process in Asia from 15th century – present

Architectural Morphology & Typology:

  1. Tropical Architecture of Southeast Asia
  2. Morphology of Port Cities and coastal settlements in Southeast Asia
  3. Urban History, Morphology & Typology of Asian Cities (Continental and Maritime)
  4. Chinese Diaspora’s and Islamic Culture, Architecture and Urbanism in Southeast Asia
  5. Colonial and Modern Architecture and the City in Southeast Asia

Architectural Conservation:

  1. Conservation of Asia’s urban and architectural heritages
  2. Architectural conservation education and management


WONG Yunn Chii

Associate Professor (Dr)
PhD (MIT), March, AB BSCE (Washington University-St. Louis)

Research Focus

  1. Develop a historiography of modern Singapore architecture, and a theoretical-critical framework for interpreting contemporary practices.

Research Interests

  1. Industrial architecture and planning in Singapore. Completed.
  2. Visual database of modern Dutch tropical architecture in Indonesia. Completed.
  3. School buildings in use (NUS funded). Completed.
  4. Oral history approach for explicating modern buildings, architects, practices in Singapore.
  5. Aspects of institutional requirements (public safety, health, zoning, etc.) and professional discourse (style, theory, etc.) that contribute to the shape of Singapore buildings and landscape.
  6. Mass, popular culture and architecture.
  7. Transformation in the home environments and workspaces.
  8. Colonial physical legacies - urbanism and architecture, especially the “New Villages” in Malaya; plantations and infrastructural architecture.
  9. Industrial architecture and landscapes.
  10. Critical technological discourses in architecture.
  11. Iconography of materials.
  12. Study of high-density, high intensity environments.
  13. Social history through post card views.



Assistant Professor (Dr)
PhD (University of Cambridge, UK) M.Arch. (Tsinghua University, China), B.Arch. (Tsinghua University, China)

Research Focus

  1. Urban morphology
  2. Street layout and pedestrian activities
  3. Formation and transformation of Asian cities

Research Interests

  1. Built form of Asian cities
  2. Conservation and regeneration of historic Chinese cities
  3. Urban 'morphogenetics' and evolution