Research Students


Current PhD Students


Name of Candidate

Title of Thesis

Nguyen Thi Lan Truc

Theoretical Model of Mediated Shared Space for Supporting Informal Interaction at a Distance

Nayada Thuncharoen

Spatial Logics Of Successful Public Open Spaces In Rathanakosin Area, Bangkok, Thailand

Lu Minyu

Urban Space Restructuring Towards a More Sustainable Urban Form – A Study of China’s Work Unit in the City of Wuhan

Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Hamid

Ecological Networks: Their Application for Biodiversity Conservation in an Urbanized Environment

Doina Andreea Ilies

Aesthetic Awareness and Understanding in Architectural Education

Mohammad Nouri

Privacy, Gender and Space: Domestic Space and Women’s Privacy in Yazd

Sonja Berthold

Family Networks propel Urban Transformation in Bangkok

Guo Xiao Wei

Tradition in Transition: The Evolutionary Persistence of the Hakka Courtyard House in Contemporary Context

Muhammad Yazid Bin Ninsalam

Limitations in surveying of complex topography along densely settled urban riverine settlements

Bhuyan Md Rashed

Accessibility of Play Spaces for Children in Dhaka

Choo Thian Siong

Performance-based Design Exploration

Liu Yuezhong

Integrate Simulation and Requisite Data Technologies in Urban Prototyping

Muhammad Firus Faizal Bin Abdullah

Method for Mixed Use Function Distribution in Urban Planning

Li Xiaoxi

Multi-morphological approaches to area-based conservation in China, particularly in delimiting conservation area and establishing conservation priority

Li Zi

Case Studies of E-Commerce service in Rural Transformation – China’s New Urbanization Online-Mobile

Mahyar Masoudi

Change Dynamics Of Vegetation Cover During Urbanization In The Compact City Of Singapore

Zhang Jingyuan

Assessment of accessibility and equity of parks in compact cities

Lavanya Jothi Venkatachalam

Role of Urban Planning and Design in Optimizing Resource Flows and Sustainable Urban Transitions

Ng Keng Khoon

Reforming the Transnational Socio-spatial Networks of Johor Straits: The Urbanism of Waterfront City in Iskandar Malaysia

Sia Ching Sian

Integrated model for urban agriculture in existing cities: Retrofitting Singapore as case study

Sylvia Agustina

Cutting-edge applications of Geographic Information Systems

Xu Shanshan

Spatial and temporal dynamics of urban growth – land use change detection and the driving forces behind the urban-rural landscape transformation based on Remote Sensing and GIS

He Yueyang

Validation of CFD simulation results for pedestrian wind performance
in square arrays with cubic buildings

Kathrin Schmiele

Assessment of Transpiration of Urban Trees

Priyanka Bista

Emerging Rural Urbanism Mobility and Connectivity in the High-Himalayan border region of Nepal.

Rosita Samsudin

Shall we go to the park and have a conservation? - Urban Green Spaces as Catalyst for Social Well-Being in Singapore Public Housing

Zhang Wei

Research on Chinese Space System Planning of Historical Urban Waterfront Landscape Based on the Sociocultural Sustainability

Chang Chin-Wei

Tracing Transplanted Modernity in Architecture and Urbanism: Contested Discourses of Modern Design at Chinese Schools, 1923~1978

Loo Chia Hui Debbie

Reimagining Aging through (minor) Architectures and Interiors

Hua Xia

Researches on Top Down and Bottom Up Urban Studies Related to Urban Infrastructure


Current Master Students


Name of Candidate

Title of Thesis

Muhammad Fauzy Bin Mohamed Ismail

Portable Musollah: The Politics of Inserting Muslim Spaces in Architecturally Neutral Singapore

Wang Ya-Hsuan

A Study on the Evaluation System for Urban Eco-Community with specific reference to Taiwan

Zhang Qianning

How to make green buildings greener?

Lai Hongzhan

Sustainable Challenges of Ecotourism in Developing Countries