48 full-time members, and over 70 adjunct professors, lecturers and tutors representing over 14 different nationalities.

50 Years

More than 50 Years of Established Benchmark in professional Architectural Education Excellence


1161 students enrolled in 6 different programs across 5 years of study (AY 17/18) producing work backed by research and critical thinking


Nus Architecture Produced many of singapore's Best Architects, Researchers and Writers, Including 4 of the Nation's President design award recipients.

About the Department

NUS Architecture is Asia's premier school of design, architecture, landscape and urbanism. Led by a multidisciplinary and international faculty, we champion design excellence through a vision of 'Architecture for Asia'. We advance impactful architectural solutions in the heart of Asia, and in the tropical centre of the world. Our design and research respond specifically to the challenges of the equator.

We are growing to meet the needs of our international student population and the rapidly evolving environment around us. We offer six different programmes including landscape architecture, urban design, urban planning and integrated sustainable design. Our faculty and alumni comprise prestigious award winners including the Singapore President Design Award, World Architecture Festival Awards (WAF), International Architectural Award, Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Awards, American Institute of Architects Awards (AIA), Society of American Registered Architect Awards (SARA) and Architectural Design Awards Singapore (SIA).

We haveā€¦

  1. 1161 students enrolled in 6 different programmes across 5 years of study (AY 17/18).
  2. Over 16 nationalities represented in our diverse student body.
  3. 48 full-time members, and over 70 adjunct professors, lecturers and tutors representing over 14 different nationalities.
  4. 321 students that graduate in AY 16/17 across 6 different programmes.

Supporting cutting edge architectural practice and research relevant to a global Asian context, NUS Architecture has a long-standing reputation as the top Asian architecture school, and one of the top ten schools in the world with professional architectural education excellence. We nurture inspired designers, informed practitioners, and engaged citizens. Situated in a large research intensive university, we combine the rigour of robust inquiry with creative design exploration to tackle urgent issues of the contemporary built environment. Located in-between three of the world's most populous nations, our campus in tropical Singapore offers first-hand experience of the ebb and flow of Asia's leading urban centres, and opportunities in the midst of a pulsating twenty-first-century capital city.

Our graduates enter the profession knowing what they do will count.