Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture


The Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture (CASA) provides the platform, hosting academic and industry-based research by design activities in the Department of Architecture.  

CASA’s primary is to promote advanced research, training and resource in architectural design, design technologies, and urban and landscape studies and critical studies in history and theories of architecture.

Through the Architecture Research Think Tank (ARTT), and its home-grown international conferences (iNTA, GASS, Archiprix SEAsia, JSEAA Symposium) and local series (Lectures, Joint NUS Architecture-URA Seminar on Conservation), CASA attempts to forge the topical discourse space and equipping the design professionals with knowledge and expertise to meet the challenges of development in the Asia-Pacific region.

CASA administers the funded research projects of the Department and the candidatures of higher degrees by research - MA(Arch), MPhil (ID), PhD, and Post-Doctoral studies.

CASA coordinates the Department’s research publications and conferences organized by the Department. It also publishes the internationally refereed Journal of South East Asian Architecture (JSEAA), design pedagogy and architectural research monographs and documentations.