The B.A. (Arch) Undergraduate Program is situated within one of the fastest urbanizing and developing areas of the world. Positioned between Asia and the Equator, our students are enmeshed directly in the opportunities, complexities and challenges of architecture while benefiting from the research and learning environments of a liberals arts education at the National University of Singapore,  a top research university in Asia.

Critical issues of Climate, Atmosphere, Construction, Materials, Resources, Urbanization, Density, Justice,  are all played out in the undergraduate program through the cutting edge mediums of making in the design studio. The research and ideas developed at the undergraduate program are relevant not only to south east Asia, but impact the globe.

The B.A. (Arch) is a preeminent four-year Honours degree programme that serves as the core foundation for concurrent Master programmes offered by NUS Architecture.

The B.A. (Arch) champions design excellence through studio research, exploration, and making. The fundamental skills of drawing, model-making and representation are complemented by an inspiring and liberal arts-based curriculum comprising architectural history, theory, tectonics as well as systems and technologies, in the first three years of study. An extensive range of issues drive studio research topics, promoting a development of skills necessary for students to take on complex issues of the built environment. 

In the first year, students are introduced to foundational concepts in design, representation and critical thinking through making. Through various exercises and projects, students are exposed to a broad range of issues, addressed through the design of the environment. Concepts studied rigorously include, space, precedent, materiality as well as the equatorial environment.

The second and third year of the B.A. (Arch) investigate issues of structure, site, program and envelope. Students research complex approaches to architectural formation, while extending their knowledge of cultural, aesthetic, and construction concerns.

Students have the option of choosing their individual specialisation in their final year of study, leading on to concurrent Master programmes. The sequence encourages independent and advanced thinking as a preparation for Master level architectural research.

B.A. (Arch) Program Director
Erik L’Heureux AIA LEED BD+C
Vice Dean, School of Design and Environment
Dean’s Chair Associate Professor


Ms Lim Hwee Lee, Associate Director
Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore

4 Architecture Drive
Singapore 117566

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture HIGHTLIGHTS

TEAM: Lam Ching Yan (Team leader), Ethan Chung (Deputy team leader), Tu Tung Yun (Deputy team leader) and their team members guided by our faculty Dr. Tan Beng Kiang. “Project a first step to revive Ubin’s charm: ….. As part of efforts to revitalise the site while retaining its rustic character, a group of National University of Singapore (NUS) architecture undergraduates are rebuilding Madam Lai's Ah Ma's Drink Stall.