Architecture reaches out to audiences beyond the discipline. Like meaningful research agendas, architectural projects can benefit populations seeking to understand contemporary challenges and to create better living environments in the light of change. But Masters Design Projects need not be confined to one of problem solving, nor need they only be explored through building solutions.

Masters Design Projects change the way we think. By debunking myths and creating critical awareness in our personal interpretations of the world we live in. Individuals bring along personal experiences to contribute to a project that shapes objects, cities, processes, and creates new perception and knowledge to spark our imaginations.

Masters Design Projects include those attempted in two Options Design Research Studios, the Advanced Architecture Studio and the Thesis project. All studios may explore issues relevant to the interests of the Research Teaching Groups, adjunct teachers and professors in practice. Students are encouraged to capitalize on faculty expertise in widening the scope of investigations which collectively strengthen the Thesis Project. Essential and Elective modules are useful in underpinning your Masters studio investigations.

Although Options Design Research studios may be varied in content and method, students are advised to be selective and to use them as ‘learning runways’ to identify a Thesis topic and to apply accumulated knowledge there. The Advanced Architecture Studio preceding the Thesis may be used to explore thesis drivers in greater detail and focus.

Beyond a commitment to individual academic portfolios, Masters projects play an important role in characterizing the discursive ethos of a design school.

M.Arch Programme Director
Joseph Lim, Dr.
Associate Professor
Year 4 B.A (Arch) Coordinator 


Mr Jonathan Leong

Master of Architecture
Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore
4 Architecture Drive
Singapore 117566