About MLA

“There are no regions in the world other than Africa where urban populations and urbanized areas are growing faster than Asia. Here, new landscapes are constantly being created, and old landscapes are paradoxically also being destroyed. Amidst such dynamism and challenges, we believe that our graduates will be well-placed to shape the landscape and create a healthy environment for people and nature.”

Associate Professor Dr Tan Puay Yok
Master of Landscape Architecture Programme Director


The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) is offered as a two-year, full-time degree programme. It is distinctively Asian and pantropical in its geographic attention, and urban in its emphasis. We aim to provide a landscape architecture education that is sensitive to the myriad challenges facing Asian cities, as well as opportunities provided by the sheer richness of heritage and cultural, socio-economic and ecological elements of the region. As a research intensive university, we adopt a research centric approach our teaching, necessitated by the constant evolution of the knowledge domains the field encompasses. Design is a core emphasis, but it is grounded in socio-cultural sensitivities, ecological knowledge and grasp of emergent technologies and techniques. Our location in Singapore, with its diversity of culture and cosmopolitan outlook, and where urban greening is a cornerstone of its urban development approach, provides an enriching backdrop to our training of landscape architects.

Our goal is to train the next generation of landscape architects in practice and academia who will be stewards in shaping a liveable, sustainable and resilient environment. Our graduates are expected to be able to navigate the demands of the profession, and the dynamism and challenges the environment presents.

The NUS MLA programme is the only university-level programme in Singapore that qualifies graduates for accreditation as a practicing landscape architect in Singapore through the Landscape Architects Accreditation Programme of the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA). More information on the accreditation programme can be found here: