Master of Science, Integrated Sustainable Design


Curriculum and Course Structure

The programme can be completed in one year, full time, or two years, part time. To be awarded the MSc (ISD) degree, a candidate must attain 40 modular credits. These can be attained via combination of (i) Essential Modules that includes Integrated Project Studio and (ii) Programme Electives:

  • 4 Essential Modules (4 MCs each = 16 MCs)
  • 2 Essential Modules OR Integrated Project Studio (8 MCs each = 16 MCs)
  • 2 Programme Electives (4 MCs each = 8 MCs)

 Essential Modules will be augmented by renowned industry experts and practitioners who will be invited to conduct Master Classes. A schedule of guest lectures will be announced each semester that will feature speakers from Singapore’s planning departments and building authorities, along with experts from other faculties and departments within the National University of Singapore.

Students pursue the following two semester course of study:


Students pursue the following two semester course of study:

Teaching of all essential modules and associated Master classes will be carried out during the day. Part-time candidates planning to hold down jobs should check schedule of classes one month prior to the commencement of a teaching semester. The onus lies with the candidate to arrange for annual leave or time-off with his/her employer.